Overcoming Heartaches and Attaining His Victory! Shabbat Shalom Loved One Torah Bible Study!

Friday, March 9, 2012 TM

March 10, 2012

Shabbat Shalom Loved One!    (This study is attached for printing and at the website below and take special note of NEWS YOU MAY NOT HAVE SEEN attachment by my cousin Eddie Rogers.  Click Here for attachment dated 3-9-2012

Here is a reminder of the ongoing battle we face against hasatan and the hordes of hell in last week’s prayer request: Hi Thurston -Please can I ask you and your intercessors to pray for my wife Jacqui she is fighting for her life against lung spine breast and brain cancer. We are trusting in YHWH for a miracle. Shalom, Andrew
Loved Ones thanks to each of you who prayed- I rec’d this message today as we fell short in our efforts for this family- here is the letter from Jacqui’s parents (Please pray now for Andrew and the children): 

To All our friends and family, today after a long fight with cancer, our beloved daughter Jacqui went to be with the Lord. She left peacefully and without pain. Please pray for Andrew and the children
All our love, Roger & Naki
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Again, some have asked why we are on a different schedule of the Torah Cycle than the mainstream and the Orthodox. For me it is about restoration of all things- which sometimes means walking alone. I start over annually when YHWH’s year starts over; this is not to say that I am correct and others are wrong, I just happen to believe we will never challenge our older brother Judah by following his traditions. I expect Judah will be moved by our obedience to His Torah (Words of Scripture) and seeing YHWH’s signs and wonders following our obedience-

Does the statement above mean we are not to grab the tzitzit of Yehuda and take hold and learn from them? Of course not, we absolutely should learn of them and from them- just not ingest and keep that which is traditions that go against His words! Especially since we are the ten (Ten scattered northern tribes scattered for Easter and sun god day worship which parallels closely as a pig slop eating prodigal brother) Let’s look together; (Zechariah 8:22) ‘And many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek יהוה of hosts in Yerushalayim, and to pray before יהוה.’ (Zechariah 8:23)  “Thus said יהוה of hosts, ‘In those days (Now? YES and from here forward!) Ten men from all languages of the nations take hold, yea, they shall take hold of the edge of the garment of a man, a Yehuḏite1, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that Elohim is with you.” ’ ” Footnote: 1John 4:22.

LOVED ONES; what can we learn today from our victories and failures in prayer? Much in both instances it seems. Since we are family let’s have a heartfelt talk: sometimes we receive our “breakthrough” from sheer mercy of Yah; someone somewhere actually “believed”. Father has reminded me again that no prayer is EVER answered based on NEED. If they were answered based on how needy we are- frankly Loved One- there would be NO NEED on the planet Earth. Father told me many years ago that no man on Earth since His man Adam had ever starved to death that would worship Him unashamedly; although many had starved to death, they knew not how to worship and give thanks when they saw no provision. We should all remember a vital point- it requires believing or faith TO RECEIVE FROM HEAVEN- sometimes we just cannot say “THANK YOU” and believe it unless we SEE it first. Truthfully, if we can see it- that is Not Trust or Faith- that is REPORTING the facts. We are told no not walk by the facts- indeed He reminds us His righteous ones will walk by faith and goes on to remind us that without our believing (faith) we cannot possibly please YHWH! Remember our believing (faith) comes by hearing and hearing (At least apart from the gift of faith which is given for others only as the Ruach wills) Loved One, if we continually see and hear facts (the flesh realm) then we will establish and guarantee our unbelief. It is important that we rid ourselves of unbelief by fasting and prayer as that seems to be the required method provided for removal of our unbelief. Remember the topic was never some big demon when Yahshua taught on belief and unbelief and He spoke- “This type only goes by fasting and prayer!” We need to remind ourselves that wrestling is the most “in your face warfare” there is- and our wrestle with hasatan is to the death and our weapons are not flesh but are mighty for victory. We only win when we are so assured of His victory for us in spite of the overwhelming facts and storms against us- when we violently take it by FORCE and enforce the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Yahshua guarantees that by speaking these words; (Mat 11:12) “And from the days of Yoḥanan the Immerser till now the reign of the heavens is violated, and the violent seize it.1 Footnote: 1See Luke\. 16:16-17 which explains it more clearly.

Eph 6:11 Put on the complete armor of Elohim, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. Eph 6:12 We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies. Eph 6:13 Because of this, take up the complete armor of Elohim, so that you have power to withstand in the wicked day, and having done all, to stand. Eph 6:14 Stand, then, having girded your waist with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, Eph 6:15 and having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of peace; Eph 6:16 above all, having taken up the shield of belief (faith-trust) with which you shall have power to quench all the burning arrows of the wicked one. Eph 6:17 Take also the helmet of deliverance, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of Elohim, 1 Footnote: 1Isa. 59:21. Eph 6:18 praying at all times, with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, watching in all perseverance and supplication for all the set-apart ones;

With that heartfelt reminder and compassion in our hearts for Andrew and the children, and these loving parents of Jacqui- we press forward to our higher calling in Messiah- a walk of faith and trust to establish His Kingdom!

Here are this Week’s Torah Scriptures:  Ki Tetse “When You Go Out”
Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19; Isaiah 54:1-17; (Extended); Luke 20:27-38

(Deuteronomy 21:10)  “When you go out to fight against your enemies and יהוה your Elohim shall give them into your hand, and you shall take them captive, (Deuteronomy 21:11)  and shall see among the captives a woman fair of form, and shall delight in her and take her for your wife, (Deuteronomy 21:12)  then you shall bring her home to your house, and she shall shave her head and trim her nails, (Deuteronomy 21:13)  and put aside the mantle of her captivity, and shall dwell in your house, and mourn her father and her mother a month of days. And after that you shall go in to her and be her husband, and she shall be your wife. (Deuteronomy 21:14)  “And it shall be, if you are not pleased with her, then you shall let her go at her desire, but you do not sell her at all for silver. Do not treat her harshly, since you have humbled her. (Deuteronomy 21:15)  “When a man has two wives, one loved and the other unloved, and they have borne him children, both the loved and the unloved, and the first-born son is of her who is unloved, (Deuteronomy 21:16) then it shall be, on the day he makes his sons to inherit his possessions, he is not allowed to treat the son of the beloved wife as first-born in the face of the son of the unloved, who is truly the first-born. (Deuteronomy 21:17)  “But he is to acknowledge the son of the unloved wife as the first-born by giving him a double portion of all that he has, for he is the beginning of his strength – the right of the first-born is his. (Deuteronomy 21:18)  “When a man has a wayward and rebellious son who is not listening to the voice of his father or the voice of his mother, and who, when they have disciplined him, does not listen to them, (Deuteronomy 21:19)  then his father and his mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his city, to the gate of his city, (Deuteronomy 21:20)  and shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This son of ours is wayward and rebellious. He is not listening to our voice; he is a glutton and a drunkard.’ (Deuteronomy 21:21)  “Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst. And let all Yisra’ĕl hear, and fear. (Deuteronomy 21:22)  “And when a man has committed a sin worthy of death, then he shall be put to death and you shall hang him on a tree. (Deuteronomy 21:23)  “Let his body not remain overnight on the tree, for you shall certainly bury him the same day – for he who is hanged is accursed of Elohim (Yahshua took our curse here) – so that you do not defile the land which יהוה your Elohim is giving you as an inheritance.


(Deuteronomy 22:1)  “When you see your brother’s ox or his sheep going straying away, you shall not hide yourself from them. Return them to your brother without fail. (Deuteronomy 22:2)  “And if your brother is not near you, or if you do not know him, then you shall bring it to your own house, and it shall be with you until your brother seeks it, then you shall return it to him. (Deuteronomy 22:3)  “And so you do with his donkey, and so you do with his garment, and so you do with whatever your brother loses, which he has lost and you have found. You are not allowed to hide yourself. (Deuteronomy 22:4)  “When you see your brother’s donkey or his ox fall down on the way, you shall not hide yourself from them. Help him raise them without fail. (Deuteronomy 22:5)  “A woman does not wear that which pertains to a man, nor does a man put on a woman’s garment, for whomever does this is an abomination to יהוה your Elohim. (Deuteronomy 22:6)  “When you come upon a bird’s nest along the way, in any tree or on the ground, with young ones or eggs, with the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, do not take the mother with the young – (Comment: this command of doing no evil to even the bird eggs is thought by Jewish sages to be the least of His commands- hmm so those who disobey the LEAST of His commands will not be teacher great or Pastor Great in the Kingdom- but Pastor LEAST in the Kingdom- YIKES!) (Deuteronomy 22:7) let the mother go without fail, and take the young for yourself, so that it might be well with you, and that you shall prolong your days. (Deuteronomy 22:8)  “When you build a new house, then you shall make a parapet for your roof, so that you do not bring blood-guilt on your house when one falls from it. (Deuteronomy 22:9)  “Do not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seed, lest the yield of the seed which you have sown and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled. (Deuteronomy 22:10)  “Do not plough with an ox and a donkey together. (Deuteronomy 22:11)  “Do not put on a garment of different kinds, of wool and linen together. (Comment: it has now been discovered that linen has the highest positive energy of all garments- I expect this is part of the reason not to MIX) I expect the (Deuteronomy 22:12)  “Make tassels on the four corners of the garment with which you cover yourself. (Deuteronomy 22:13)  “When any man takes a wife, and shall go in to her, and shall hate her, (Deuteronomy 22:14)  and shall make abusive charges against her and bring an evil name on her and say, ‘I took this woman, and when I came to her I did not find her a maiden,’ (Deuteronomy 22:15)  then the father and mother of the young woman shall take and bring out the proof of the girl’s maidenhood to the elders of the city at the gate. (Deuteronomy 22:16)  “And the girl’s father shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man as wife, and he hates her. (Deuteronomy 22:17)  ‘And see, he has made abusive charges against her, saying, “I did not find your daughter a maiden,” and yet these are the proofs of my daughter’s maidenhood.’ And they shall spread the garment before the elders of the city. (Deuteronomy 22:18)  “And the elders of that city shall take that man and punish him, (Deuteronomy 22:19) and fine him one hundred pieces of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought an evil name on a maiden of Yisra’ĕl. And she is to be his wife; he is not allowed to put her away all his days. (Deuteronomy 22:20)  “But if the matter is true, that the girl was not found a maiden, (Deuteronomy 22:21) then they shall bring out the girl to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones, because she has done wickedness in Yisra’ĕl, to whore in her father’s house. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:22)  “When a man is found lying with a woman married to a husband, then both of them shall die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman. Thus you shall purge the evil from Yisra’ĕl. (Deuteronomy 22:23)  “When a girl who is a maiden is engaged to a husband, and a man finds her in the city and lies with her, (Deuteronomy 22:24) then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city, and shall stone them to death with stones, the girl because she did not cry out in the city, and the man because he has humbled his neighbor’s wife. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:25)  “But if a man finds the girl who is engaged in the field, and the man seizes her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. (Deuteronomy 22:26)  “But you shall do no matter to the girl. The girl has no sin worthy of death – for the matter is like a man who rises against his neighbor and kills him – (Deuteronomy 22:27) for he found her in the field, and she cried out, the engaged girl, but without anyone to save her. (Deuteronomy 22:28)  “When a man finds a girl who is a maiden, who is not engaged, and he seizes her and lies with her, and they are found out, (Deuteronomy 22:29)  then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl’s father fifty pieces of silver, and she is to be his wife because he has humbled her. He is not allowed to put her away all his days. (Deuteronomy 22:30)  “A man does not take his father’s wife, nor uncover his father’s skirt.

So much for the lie and mistranslation of a Eunuch in the Temple area that Philip was translated to- it was likely Emunah- which is RIGHTEOUS ONE- as no one with destroyed testicles would be allowed on the Temple- period!

(Deuteronomy 23:1)  “No one wounded, crushed or whose member is cut off does enter the assembly of יהוה. (Deuteronomy 23:2)  “No one of illegitimate birth does enter the assembly of יהוה, even a tenth generation of his does not enter the assembly of יהוה. (Deuteronomy 23:3)  “An Ammonite or Mo’aḇite does not enter the assembly of יהוה, even a tenth generation of them does not ever enter the assembly of יהוה, (Deuteronomy 23:4) because they did not meet you with bread and water on the way when you came out of Mitsrayim, and because they hired against you Bilʽam son of Beʽor from Pethor of Aram Naharayim, to curse you. (Deuteronomy 23:5)  “But יהוה your Elohim refused to listen to Bilʽam and יהוה your Elohim turned the curse into a blessing for you, because יהוה your Elohim loves you. (Deuteronomy 23:6)  “Do not seek their peace nor their good, all your days, forever. (Deuteronomy 23:7)  “Do not loathe an Eḏomite, for he is your brother. Do not loathe a Mitsrite, because you were a stranger in his land. (Deuteronomy 23:8)  “The children of the third generation born to them do enter the assembly of יהוה. (Deuteronomy 23:9)  “When the army goes out against your enemies, then you shall guard yourself from every evil matter. (Deuteronomy 23:10)  “When there is any man among you who is not clean because of an emission in the night, then he shall go outside the camp. Let him not come into the midst of the camp. (Deuteronomy 23:11)  “And it shall be when evening comes, that he bathes with water. And when the sun sets let him come into the midst of the camp. (Deuteronomy 23:12)  “And you shall have a place outside the camp, where you shall go out, (Deuteronomy 23:13) and you shall have a sharp implement among your equipment, and when you sit down outside, you shall dig with it and turn and cover your excrement. (Deuteronomy 23:14)  “For יהוה your Elohim walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and give your enemies over to you. Therefore your camp shall be set-apart, so that He does not see unclean matter among you, and shall turn away from you. (Deuteronomy 23:15)  “You do not hand over to his master the slave who has escaped from his master to you. (Deuteronomy 23:16)  “Let him dwell with you in your midst, in the place which he chooses within one of your gates, where it is pleasing to him. Do not oppress him. (Deuteronomy 23:17)  “None of the daughters of Yisra’ĕl is to be a cult prostitute, nor any of the sons of Yisra’ĕl be a cult prostitute. (Deuteronomy 23:18)  “Do not bring the gift of a whore or the pay of a dog to the House of יהוה your Elohim for any vowed offering, for both of these are an abomination to יהוה your Elohim. (Deuteronomy 23:19)  “Do not lend at interest to your brother, interest of silver, interest of food, or interest of whatever is lent at interest. (Deuteronomy 23:20)  “To a foreigner you lend at interest, but to your brother you do not lend at interest, so that יהוה your Elohim might bless you in all that you put your hand to in the land which you are entering to possess. (Deuteronomy 23:21)  “When you make a vow to יהוה your Elohim, do not delay to pay it, for יהוה your Elohim is certainly requiring it of you, and it shall be sin in you. (Deuteronomy 23:22)  “But when you abstain from vowing, it is not sin in you. (Deuteronomy 23:23)  “That which has gone from your lips you shall guard and do, for you voluntarily vowed to יהוה your Elohim what you have promised with your mouth. (Deuteronomy 23:24)  “When you come into your neighbor’s vineyard, you shall eat to the satisfaction of your desire, but do not put any in a receptacle of yours. (Deuteronomy 23:25)  “When you come into your neighbor’s standing grain, you shall pluck the heads with your hand, but do not use a sickle on your neighbor’s standing grain. (Deuteronomy 24:1)  “When a man takes a wife and shall marry her, then it shall be, if she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found a matter of uncoveredness in her, and he shall write her a certificate of divorce, and put it in her hand, and send her out of his house, (Deuteronomy 24:2)  and if she left his house and went and became another man’s wife, (Deuteronomy 24:3)  and the latter husband shall hate her and write her a certificate of divorce, and put it in her hand, and send her out of his house, or when the latter husband dies who took her to be his wife, (Deuteronomy 24:4)  then her former husband who sent her away is not allowed to take her back to be his wife after she has been defiled, for that would be an abomination before יהוה. And do not bring sin on the land which יהוה your Elohim is giving you as an inheritance. (Deuteronomy 24:5)  “When a man has taken a new wife, let him not go out into the army nor let any matter be imposed upon him. He shall be exempt one year for the sake of his home, to rejoice with his wife whom he has taken. (Deuteronomy 24:6)  “No one takes in pledge the lower or the upper millstone, for he would be taking a life in pledge. (Deuteronomy 24:7)  “When a man is found kidnapping any of his brothers of the children of Yisra’ĕl, and treats him harshly or sells him, then that kidnapper shall die. Thus you shall purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 24:8)  “Take heed, in an outbreak of leprosy, to diligently guard and do according to all that the priests, the Lĕwites, teach you. As I have commanded them, so you shall guard to do. (Deuteronomy 24:9)  “Remember what יהוה your Elohim did to Miryam on the way when you came out of Mitsrayim. (Deuteronomy 24:10)  “When you lend your brother a loan, do not go into his house to get his pledge. (Deuteronomy 24:11)  “Stand outside and let the man to whom you lend bring the pledge out to you. (Deuteronomy 24:12)  “And if the man is poor, do not sleep with his pledge. (Deuteronomy 24:13)  “By all means return the pledge to him at sundown, and he shall sleep in his own garment, and shall bless you. And it shall be righteousness to you before יהוה your Elohim. (Deuteronomy 24:14)  “Do not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, of your brothers or of the strangers who is in your land within your gates. (Deuteronomy 24:15)  “Give him his wages on the same day, and do not let the sun go down on it, for he is poor and lifts up his being to it, so that he does not cry out against you to יהוה, and it shall be sin in you. (Deuteronomy 24:16)  “Fathers are not put to death for their children, and children are not put to death for their fathers, each is to die for his own sin. (Deuteronomy 24:17)  “Do not twist the right-ruling of a stranger or the fatherless, nor take the garment of a widow. (Deuteronomy 24:18)  “But you shall remember that you were a slave in Mitsrayim, and that יהוה your Elohim redeemed you from there. Therefore I am commanding you to do this word. (Deuteronomy 24:19)  “When you reap your harvest in your field, and have forgotten a sheaf in the field, do not go back to get it. Let it be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow, so that יהוה your Elohim might bless you in all the work of your hands. (Deuteronomy 24:20)  “When you beat your olive trees, do not examine the branch behind you. Let it be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow. (Deuteronomy 24:21)  “When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, do not glean behind you. Let it be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow. (Deuteronomy 24:22)  “And you shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Mitsrayim. Therefore I am commanding you to do this word.

Thirty nine stripes for Messiah- NOT 40! (If they went over by miscounting the judgment fell on the Giver of the punishment!)

(Deuteronomy 25:1)  “When there is a dispute between men, then they shall come unto judgment, and they shall be judged, and the righteous declared righteous and the wrongdoer declared wrong. (Deuteronomy 25:2)  “And it shall be, if the wrongdoer is to be beaten, that the judge shall cause him to lie down and be beaten in his presence with the number of blows according to his wrong. (Deuteronomy 25:3)  Forty blows he gives him but no more, lest he beat him with many more blows than these, and your brother be degraded before your eyes. (Deuteronomy 25:4)  “Do not muzzle an ox while it is threshing. (Deuteronomy 25:5)  “When brothers dwell together, and one of them has died, and has no son, the widow of the dead man shall not become a stranger’s outside. Her husband’s brother does go in to her, and shall take her as his wife, and perform the duty of a husband’s brother to her. (Deuteronomy 25:6)  “And it shall be that the first-born son which she bears does rise up for the name of his dead brother, so that his name is not blotted out of Yisra’ĕl. (Deuteronomy 25:7)  “But if the man does not desire to take his brother’s wife, then let his brother’s wife go up to the gate to the elders, and say, ‘My husband’s brother refuses to raise up a name to his brother in Yisra’ĕl, he does not agree to perform the duty of my husband’s brother.’ (Deuteronomy 25:8)  “The elders of his city shall then call him and speak to him, and he shall stand and say, ‘I have no desire to take her,’ (Deuteronomy 25:9) then his brother’s wife shall come to him in the presence of the elders, and remove his sandal from his foot, and shall spit in his face, and answer and say, ‘Thus it is done to the man who does not build up his brother’s house.’ (Deuteronomy 25:10)  “And in Yisra’ĕl his name shall be called, ‘the house of him who had his sandal removed.’ (Deuteronomy 25:11)  “When men fight with one another and the wife of one shall draw near to rescue her husband from the hand of the one attacking him, and shall put out her hand and seize him by the genitals, (Deuteronomy 25:12)  then you shall cut off her hand – your eye does not pardon. (Deuteronomy 25:13)  “You shall not have in your bag differing weights, a heavy and a light. (Deuteronomy 25:14)  “You shall not have in your house differing measures, a large and a small. (Deuteronomy 25:15)  “You shall have a perfect and right weight, a perfect and right measure, so that they prolong your days on the soil which יהוה your Elohim is giving you. (Deuteronomy 25:16)  “For all who do these, and all who do unrighteously, are abominations to יהוה your Elohim. (False weights and Measures of the Federal Reserve System is why America’s financial system and economy will fail!) (Deuteronomy 25:17)  “Remember what Amalĕq did to you on the way as you were coming out of Mitsrayim, (Deuteronomy 25:18)  how he met you on the way and attacked your back, all the feeble ones in your rear, when you were tired and weary. And he did not fear Elohim. (Deuteronomy 25:19)  “Therefore it shall be when יהוה your Elohim has given you rest from your enemies all around, in the land which יהוה your Elohim is giving you to possess as an inheritance that you blot out the remembrance of Amalĕq from under the heavens. Do not forget!

One time many years ago I professed to Yahshua- Isaiah 54:17 is NOT TRUE! Not so smart of me I know but it was my sentiments anyway- I’ll explain after the Scripture reading what He showed me)

(Isa 54:1)  “Sing, O barren one, you who did not bear! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the deserted one are more than the children of the married woman,” said יהוה. (Isa 54:2)  “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not. Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. (Isa 54:3)  “For you shall break forth to the right and to the left, and your seed inherit the nations, and make the deserted cities inhabited. (Isa 54:4)  “Do not fear, for you shall not be put to shame, nor hurt, you shall not be humiliated. For the shame of your youth you shall forget, and not remember the reproach of your widowhood any more. (Isa 54:5)  “For your Maker is your husband, יהוה of hosts is His Name, and the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl is your Redeemer. He is called the Elohim of all the earth. (Isa 54:6)  “For יהוה has called you like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, like a wife of youth when you were refused,” declares your Elohim. (Isa 54:7)  “For a little while I have forsaken you, but with great compassion I shall gather you. (Isa 54:8)  “In an overflow of wrath I hid my face from you for a moment, but with everlasting kindness I shall have compassion on you,” said יהוה, your Redeemer. (Isa 54:9)  “For this is the waters of Noaḥ to me, in that I have sworn that the waters of Noaḥ would never again cover the earth, so have I sworn not to be wroth with you, nor to rebuke you. (Isa 54:10)  “For though the mountains be removed and the hills be shaken, my kindness is not removed from you, nor is my covenant of peace shaken,” said יהוה, who has compassion on you. (Isa 54:11)  “O you afflicted one, tossed with storm, and not comforted, see, I am setting your stones in antimony, and shall lay your foundations with sapphires, (Isa 54:12) and shall make your battlements of rubies, your gates of crystal, and all your walls of precious stones, (Isa 54:13) and all your children taught by יהוה, and the peace of your children great. (Isa 54:14)  “In righteousness you shall be established – far from oppression, for you shall not fear, and far from ruin, for it does not come near you. (Isa 54:15)  “See, they shall indeed assemble, but not because of me. Whoever shall assemble against you falls for your sake! (Isa 54:16)  “See, I myself have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire, who brings forth an instrument for his work. And I have created the waster to destroy. (Isa 54:17)  “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which raises against you in judgment you shall prove wrong. This is the inheritance of the servants of יהוה, and their righteousness from me,” declares יהוה.

Okay- I must comment on my thoughts I spoke to Yahshua so long ago- we were under great storms of divorce, friends were sick and dying of cancers, some friends were losing long held jobs and careers, others were filing bankruptcies and the list continued- I could not fathom how the WORD would state that No Weapon formed against us believers would prosper- so I told Him- that Scripture (Isaiah 54:17 above) isn’t true! He replied softly but sternly- “I destroyed the works of hell!” I replied – “What? How can you say that?” He replied- “I destroyed the works of hell!” I questioned again – “How can you say that with all this evil happening to my believing friends?” He replied a third time sternly and firmly this time; “I DESTROYED THE WORKS OF HELL- just not your tongue!”

He said this in explaining; “hasatan brings a storm immediately to steal the seed that is planted (Word of YHWH spoken will grow and produce fruit) and you agree with hasatan and the storm considering it truth- it is not truth I AM TRUTH- when you agree with him with your words I stand down and you get the results of the one you agreed with- My words are spirit and life to your flesh- his words seem factual but they bring death- you must agree with my report and not hasatan’s no matter the storm- he steals your power- he has none of his own- I destroyed his. There is power of life and death in your tongue- you become a liar when you disagree with me I AM STILL THE TRUTH!”

(Luke 20:27)  And some of the Sadducees, who deny that there is a resurrection, came to Him and asked Him, (Luke 20:28)  saying, “Teacher, Mosheh wrote to us that if a man’s brother dies, having a wife, and he dies childless, his brother should take his wife and raise up offspring for his brother. (Luke 20:29)  “Now, there were seven brothers, and the first took a wife, and died childless. (Luke 20:30)  “And the second took her as wife, and he died childless. (Luke 20:31)  “And the third took her, and in the same way the seven also. And they left no children, and died. (Luke 20:32)  “And last of all the woman died too. (Luke 20:33)  “At the resurrection, then, whose wife does she become? For the seven had her as wife.” (Luke 20:34)  And יהושע answering, said to them, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage, (Luke 20:35) but those who are counted worthy of attaining that age, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are they given in marriage, (Luke 20:36) for neither is it possible for them to die anymore, because they are like messengers and are sons of Elohim, being sons of the resurrection. (Luke 20:37)  “But that the dead are raised, even Mosheh showed at the bush when he called יהוה ‘the Elohim of Aḇraham, and the Elohim of Yitsḥaq, and the Elohim of Yaʽaqoḇ.’ (Luke 20:38)  “Now He is not the Elohim of the dead, but of the living, for all live to Him.”

Loved One, I pray you take even more seriously our battle which is intensifying here on earth as the birth pains grow closer and more intense as the DAY APPEARS and you and I intensify our efforts by prayer and fasting to rid ourselves of UNBELIEF! We must now learn to inhabit the Kingdom by violent force against hasatan and realize our destiny in “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE!”  Loved One, I also pray you walk in the spirit and not according to the lusts and directions of the flesh. That we may each repent quickly wherever we miss and stumble, and the snares set- all miss us. I further pray we ALWAYS forgive and speak forgiveness and blessings on those who do and have done evil against us. They need our love of the Father (Obedience) to break forth and come to our King! This is how they will recognize us; that we have love for one another and our King! It is the LOVE of YHWH that draws men to repentance- not our knowledge! Loved One, I pray YOU make every effort to love the Creator according to His desires and not our learned ones that are filled with pagan ritual both in Churchianity and Judaism. I pray you gain an ear to hear Him and the courage to obey Him! Thanks for your continued prayers for me- they are cherished- sometimes we get to walk alone and I thank you! Thank you! And THANK YOU! You are much loved!

Shalom to your heart, loved ones, and home!