My Princess- We'll Miss you Sweetheart!

Monday, February 21, 2011 TM

Loved One, many of you have heard that my youngest daughter (28) and my Princess- Lindsay Ann McCutchen- who walked in such love and compassion for all- was killed yesterday in a head on collision with a 18 wheeler truck near Midland Texas; while driving home from Austin and a dear friend's wedding. You have responded with such compassion, love and prayers- Bonnie and I and our family thank you and bless you for what you each have said and done in our time of pain and need. I don't think I've ever experienced such pain and still know the Father loves and sits on His throne- with compassion and mercy. Lindsay always loved people, kept the Sabbath, and never spoke evil of others (even if they deserved it!) Her big brother Courtney and his wife Heather, and her big sister Amanda and her husband John and family are in pain, along with extended family Mindy and Phil and family, Shelley, and Misty and so many cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and so many close friends. Please pray also for her mother Peggy and her step-dad Danny and extended family. I want to ask you as the prayer warriors of YHWH to intercede for peace, protection, provision and a seeking of YHWH and His truth and the seeking of Messiah for all direction and being for this family and extended family.

I am hoping to attach some pictures for you to pray and approach the Throne room on our behalf (With confident trust in Yahshua’s name) and do what He promises: receive mercy and grace in our time of need. I know Father will answer your prayers and will show you specific things that should be prayed for that only He and His precious Spirit can reveal. Thank you Loved One for your consideration and help in this special time. If you are on Face book- you can see Lindsay McCutchen and her many pictures that tell her life story, of joy and laughter by typing her name into face book or my name (Thurston McCutchen) on face book and then go to pictures. My favorite is on facebook where she is in the back of a wagon pulled by her brother Court pulling her and Amanda with a lawn mower- many smiles from that time....

Much love and thanks for your help-


PS the first pic attached is just Lindsay Ann alone with her infectuous smile; the second is she and I with friends in Panama Dec 2010; the third is her with Courtney her brother; the fourth is with her sister Amanda; and last is her with my wife Bonnie and my mom Martha!