2010-Update for- You tube "Change" you cannot live with easily- Be Prepared

Thursday, November 18, 2010 TM

This updated version includes Dr Bill Deagle's 2010 update of John r Moore's interview disclosing new Fema Manuals for govt proof of what is ahead

(Dr Bill Deagle interviewing John R Moore- 1 of 4 of these 10 min videos)

This was sent to me by some dear friends (Torahkeepers) from Tennessee. John R. Moore discusses from inside what is really happening and knew this as far back as 2008 (Obviously all major world governments have know much longer than that). You would do well to take the time to watch these 9 min videos. Once you watch the first video, you will find the next you tube number- click on it and learn. Earth changes are here to stay and increase drastically- we should at least know and make intelligent decisions- denial is not a river in Egypt! You cannot readily plan intelligently and with wisdom without all the information. Don't be a foolish virgen and blow this off. IF you really love your family take the time to understand these matters-
Scientific information that is verified every day and much more "change" is coming- just not change you can live with without some knowledgable planning and preparation-

John r Moore (Former green beret and military intelligence)

(Dr Bill Deagle interviewing John R Moore)