THE UNLEASHING PART I - London Olympics On July 27th - the Gate/Portal Will Be Opened


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London Olympics
On July 27th - the Gate/Portal Will Be Opened


I am asking, by the leading of the Spirit of Abba Yahuweh, that all who know Yahuweh and Yahushua--who only trust, worship, love, and obey Them – to proclaim Psalm 27 for yourself and your family, and as a prophetic declaration to the god of this world, his fallen angels, and his human agents on earth, that you only side with the Elohim of Abraham, Yitzak, and Ya’cob --Yahuweh and Yahushua Yahuweh -- on July 27th and forever.
Take into regards time differences between you and London, England. Make your proclamation before or at 8:12 AM London time on July 27, 2012.

Regarding proclamations that He is asking us to make: In November of 2011, I went with a family to do intercession across the north of Israel, calling forth the repentant remnant of Ephraim and Judah to come into alignment and take their place as united servants of Elohim. I had been on that trek across the north many times to do intercession. We came to Banias, ancient Caesarea Philippi, where Shimon Kepha declared that Yahushua was the Messiah, the Son of the Living Elohim, and Messiah declared that the gates of Hades would not prevail against His people.  Because I had been there so many times, I let the family go on up to the cave of Pan, the temple of Zeus, and the temple to the Roman Caesar, while I remained at the bottom of the ascent. But, Abba so strengthened me and empowered me, that I followed them up to the temples. I stood in front of the Temple of Pan, where the entrance gate of Hades was said to be in the river underneath. Hades was a real person, so was the ½ goat, ½ human Pan--two of the “men of renown” (Genesis 6:2, 4). In that cave human sacrifice was performed to the gods, and their bodies thrown into the river that proceeded out from the cave underground.
In front of that cave I proclaimed the victory of Yahuweh and Yahushua Yahuweh over the gods of the underworld, the gods of Satan’s creation. Then I felt to go up a few steps and sit down to the side, between the Temple of Pan, and the Temple of Zeus. I sat there doing more proclamations from the victory Psalms. He led me to Psalm 86. After reading aloud the words of verse 13, “You have rescued my soul from the

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nethermost depths” (from the netherworld/the abyss of Hades), I began to praise Him for rescuing me.
I was dressed in a skirt and long-sleeved top with a Jewish-tied head covering--nothing special. Just then, a lady – an American tourist – came up to me and said: “You look like someone who works here in these
temples”. I went numb. She leaned closer to me and asked if I spoke English. I nodded “yes”. Then out of my spirit came, with calm but strong boldness: “I only serve Yahuweh—Elohim of Israel!!!” She was so shocked, she grunted and ran quickly away.
Later I pondered why I had to say that loud between those two temples, right in the face of the gods that still dwell underneath, but who are soon to surface. But, now I know why: We must proclaim out loud to the gods of this world, to Satan himself, and his fallen angels, that we identify only with Yahuweh and Yahushua – Elohim of Abraham, Yitzak and Ya’cob!  We must hear ourselves make that proclamation! It is a powerful declaration that the evil ones understand!

When I finish giving you some brief information about this high satanic day of July 27th, this Friday, you may be as numb as I have been, and perhaps more serious than you have been regarding the reality that we are facing. I am receiving Abba’s personal confirmation on this, as well as confirmation from Messianic friends in many places of the world who know the gravity of what will happen this Friday.

Yes, there have been terrorist threats to do with the Olympics in London. Yes, the security is incredibly lax, both at the airport and at the Olympic stadium entrances. This is very disturbing to many who work there.
Yes, there are serious similarities to what happened before the 9/11 attack in New York, 2001.
Yes, IF anything happens in a physical way, it will be considered a “terrorist attack”, and it will most likely be much more serious than 9/11 – killing thousands of people. The repercussions will be worldwide, and international policy could be set in motion that will lead to world governance.
Yes, once again, as in 9/11, billions of dollars is to be made by those owning the buildings in London – especially the Gateway Mall to the stadium. You can read all about it online. Do your own homework.

From the official Olympics site on bell ringing: “Friday 27 July 2012 will be no ordinary morning. At 8.12 AM on the first day of the London 2012 Olympic and Para-Olympic Games, 'Work No.1197’: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes' by Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed, will

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be performed throughout the UK. The nation is invited to ring thousands of bells at the same time, whether schools bells, church bells, town hall bells, bicycle bells or door bells

No matter what happens in a physical sense, what will happen in the spirit
realm on July 27th beginning dramatically at 8:12 AM across the UK, and the
ceremony ending the night of August 12th, will open a mighty gate/portal for the entrance of Lucifer himself and his entourage, and loose his spirits that
will go forth to create the final preparations for the placing of Lucifer’s son Apollyon on the throne of world rule, with his “false prophet” from the Vatican. This is what I mean by “the unleashing” -- the unleashing of the forces which Yahuweh has held back for thousands of years, to go forth to draw the world’s people into obedience and worship of the world ruler--the unleashing of a death curse upon the world’s people, calling for the pit to open to receive them into the lake of fire.

For you that understand the rabbinic calendar this year, you know that the night of July 27th – the very night of the opening of the Olympics, begins the 9th of Av. This is a yearly day of mourning in Israel – a day of infamy in the history of the Jewish people from ancient times to modern times…day of the destruction of both Temples, day of expulsion from England (1290 CE) and from Spain (1492), just to mention a few.

July 27th is known as “The Grand Climax” on the Satanic Ritual Calendar. The top-ranking Illuminati and Freemasons coordinate many of their activities by this calendar. Quoting further from The Open Scroll article Friday, April 20, 2012: “Olympics Bell, Book, and Candle Ritual”: “This day of The Grand Climax will bring with it perverse rituals performed around the world, with human sacrifice of females, and gross sexual abuse…” 

It is being reported that more condoms are being required at this Olympics than any other – for already the gross sexual activity is commencing and growing.
Of course we know that the Olympics itself is a pagan ritual, which included the worship of the gods on Mount Olympus in Greece. And, as always in satanic worship, there is great sexual perversion and human sacrifice, and abuses of all types against humans and animals.  It is a “sacrifice to Lucifer/Satan”. This is a symbolic precursor to the greatest of all sacrifices being prepared, using those who trust the Elohim of the Bible--Christian, Messianic of Jew—who will be gathered for sacrifice to Satan. I know about the preparations in the U.S., as do many of you, but it will be worldwide.

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In this article “Part 12 – 2012 London Olympics – Death Rituals: A Bell, Book, and Candle Mega Ritual”, from The Open Scroll website, there is much
research given that aligns this old ritual of the Roman Catholic Church for excommunication of priests and members with what is planned at the
Olympics. If you have done any in-depth research on the real Roman Catholic Church, you realize that it is the headquarters of Satan on the earth – and today there are many Cardinals and top officials, primarily in the Jesuit Order, who are practicing Satanists, doing human sacrifice inside the Vatican, calling on Lucifer to rule the world.
In fact, as Malachi Martin, a well-known former Jesuit Priest and close confidant of popes, has written and spoken, in 1963, there was the
dedication of the Vatican to Lucifer with ritualistic sexual abuse of a
young girl (who was not killed), performed in the Vatican. At the same time, in South Carolina, at the oldest Masonic Lodge in the U.S., this same ritual was being performed to align to the one at the Vatican, only this time the sacrificial child-victim was killed.

The ritual of the “Bell, Book, and Candle”, includes those three elements, which condemn the excommunicated priest or member to the eternal flames of hell. In the ritual of July 27th and August 12th, this ritual will also be performed in hidden ways. Speaking of the ex-communication ritual performed by a Bishop and 12 priests: “Practicing witches will immediately identify the bishop with 12 priests as a coven, and their reciting an oath on the altar as a ritual casting of a cursing spell.”

On the morning of July 27, 2012, all across the UK every person is being asked to ring a bell for three minutes precisely at 8:12 AM to welcome in the Olympics, which begin on the eve of the 9th of Av that night. Church leaders were contacted to ring their church bells. Of course most churches have steeples – phallic symbols of the god Ba’al, representing Satan.
From the excellent article from Babylon Rising Part VII – “Ringing in Satan’s Kingdom”, posted July 17, 2012, by Joseph Herrin: “Not only are churches with bells encouraged to ring them, but every other type of bell, from those on civic buildings, alarm bells, door bells, hand bells, etc. …”

“Furthermore … the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics will begin with the ringing of the world’s largest turned bell. This 23 ton bell is being produced especially for this ceremony, and will be hung in the Olympic Village after the games. The bell is to be inscribed with the words `Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises’. These words are taken from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.”
The Tempest has been adopted as the theme around which the Olympic

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Games in London will be styled…The Tempest begins with a scene depicting
a ship experiencing a supernaturally severe storm. We learn that a sorcerer, a great wizard on a nearby island has conjured up this storm for there are people on board the ship that have wickedly betrayed him and he is seeking to set things right. We learn that the storm has been produced by a spirit, Ariel, controlled by this magician…sorcerer Prospero is the protagonist, cast as a wise, noble, and forgiving character…the deceit is put forward that there are good practitioners of the magic arts as well as evil practitioners. Prospero represents that noble and wise group of leaned men who are capable of administering rule and justice to the world. Members of the Illuminati, higher level Freemasons, and other servants of Satan have bought into the lie that there are certain men in this world who are more intellectually…and spiritually advanced than others, and it is their duty to guide and shepherd the lower castes of mankind…In the same way, Prospero is shown to demonstrate mercy towards Caliban, a creature born of the union of the devil and a witch…It is Caliban, the spawn of the devil, who is credited with the words inscribed on the bell to be rung during the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics…What Caliban is referring to are the sounds made by the spirit Ariel, and those other spirits in league with him. Why then, were the words “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises” chosen to be inscribed on the mammoth bell to be rung at the Olympic ceremony? The voices of evil spirits are being invited to the land, and there are some, like Prospero, who believe that they can make use of these spirits to further their own goals and desires”.  Caliban is a hybrid, which the Beast of Revelation 9:11, chapter 13, 17:8, and II Thessalonians 2:3 will also be – the reincarnated Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo/Apollyon, son of Lucifer and a human woman.

“Understanding that the Olympics are a Satanic celebration, what then is the purpose of the bell ringing all across the nation? One can find the answer by observing the role that bells play in ritual magic…”
He quotes then from a source book: Introduction to Ritual Magic, used by Olympics planners, in the chapter entitled “The Magic Bell”: `It is considered to be a sort of “astral bell” that’s used to announce the establishment of contact to “another world” literally “ringing it in’ ”…
“The bell is considered a “ritual weapon”. It is used to establish contact between mankind and Satan’s kingdom. Satanists, magicians, witches and sorcerers literally `ring in’ the kingdom of darkness. The bells are used to intensify the communication between Satan’s kingdom and mankind…The noises are the voices of fallen angels and unclean spirits”.

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“The Olympics will serve as one great worldwide act of ritual magic
participated in by millions. One further aspect of ritual magic is the use of
sexual intercourse to increase the spiritual energy being released. Recent media articles have testified that there is a profound spirit of sexual immorality attendant at the Olympic games.
During the Beijing Olympics the Olympic Committee ordered 70,000 condoms for use by the athletes staying at the Olympic Village…For the London Olympics, an order of 100,000 condoms has been placed, and this is just for those who will be staying at the Olympic Village for two weeks in which the events will be held.”
Refer to the link: http: www.huffington n 1672257.html

“Everywhere one looks the imprint of Satan is evident upon these games.
Great darkness is rising in the earth and the London Olympics will be a key event in the rising of Satan’s kingdom”.
He goes on to talk about the pyramids everywhere and the weird looking two Olympic mascots with their one “all seeing eye”. Of course, articles have been written on the new gold metal design, showing ley lines. And articles have been written about the logo, which has the two 2s in lighting design … but which Iran complained looked like the word “Zion”.

Then, of course, the infamous Illuminati card game comes into play here. Several of the cards have been prophetic and their prophecies have come to pass, i.e. the attack on the twin towers in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon, and the blowing up of the BP Oil Rig. There is also a card that shows Big Ben in London blowing up and falling down at 11:11 (occult number). Below the falling Big Ben are five men – each wearing a shirt, or tie, in one of the Olympic colors. If nothing happens at the Olympics to make Big Ben come falling down, symbolic of the Olympics as a whole, then the card game will lose its prophetic fame.  

Many more Satanic connections that are obvious have been exposed by different articles. The excellent article by Brigadier General Friend, retired, “Olympic False Flag or Total Diversion” July 20, 2012 is excellent, tying in the precursors of 9/11 with this event.

In “The Bell, Book and Candle” article mentioned above, the author brings out noteworthy information: “I have to wonder if a precedent wasn’t set in the not too distant past, during the `Nazi Olympics’. That happened in Berlin in 1936…Those games featured a special iron bell that was dedicated by Nazi

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officials in a secret ceremony, hung at the stadium and rung to open the event. Those games concluded with a ceremony, and their cauldron flame
was extinguished. That flame was the first in modern times to have been lit from the sun on Mount Olympus and conveyed to the stadium in a torch relay – the Olympischer Fackellauf.”   
He also brings out the 1958 movie “Bell, Book, and Candle” starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, which was about a witch casting spells. From this, other such stories were spawned, along with the very popular TV series “Bewitched” (1964-1972) starring Elizabeth Montgomery. This series had   mind-programming effects on American culture--the underlying Harry Potter-type message being: you can get what you want via witchcraft and sorcery. 

The article on “The Bell, Book, and Candle” concludes with information about the Cult of 27: “The bell was originally declared to be 27 tones in weight. The giant bell will be the centerpiece of the ceremony opening the Olympics on July 27, a ceremony budgeted at 27 million pounds. Have you ever heard of the 27 Club? Also known as the Curse of 27 – it is a death club meme whose membership includes … Jimi Hendrix and Janis Jopin...The music for this ceremony is the responsibility of “Underworld”, as the musical peal of the bell going to come as a death peal, calling worshippers into the underworld?...On the morning of the 27th, before the official ceremony scheduled that evening, bells will be rung all over the UK. This activity is referred to as “Work No. 1197”.
In the Catholic excommunication ritual it is said: “The bishop would ring a bell to evoke a death toll” on the one being excommunicated – to send him to the lake of fire for defying the Roman Catholic Church.

Observations sent by a friend that adds more to the above: "July 20th to the 27th is a preparation week to their Grand Climax on the 27th. The 27th is a satanic high day. President Obama is expected to sign the UN Gun Ban Treaty on the 27th -- an offering? The opening ceremony of the Olympics is on the same day. Hitler’s Summer Olympics were held in 1936. About 3.5 years later, WW2 began." Note: The last day of the Bohemian Grove is also the 27th”. [If you don’t know about Bohemian Grove, read the article “Stop and Smell the Redwoods”].  

The fact that the signing of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is on July 27th is  highly significant! It will affect all nations, but will target civilians in the U.S. too. The Colorado shooting, of course, was a planned event, just like many school shootings so that a gun ban bill would be passed – to take guns from

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good citizens who want to defend their families, leaving criminals to have access to guns illegally as usual.

On Friday night, I went to my son’s house for Shabbat dinner. On the way,
as I sat numb in the car contemplating this coming Friday, I looked up just to see a sign that read #27. It was a security zone sign, but all I saw was the #27. Upon relating this information, my son told me about a movie in 2005 by the name of “Room 27”, and its supernatural storyline. Then they said their Tehiillim reading this last Shabbat was Psalm 27.

That made me think – that Yahuweh’s people should loudly proclaim Psalm 27 at the same time of the bell ringing throughout the UK on July 27th.
On Shabbat Abba let me know that this whole thing is for gathering millions of people together to participate in the world’s largest calling for Lucifer/Satan/Devil/Dragon/Serpent to come and rule the earth. It may be a major sacrifice too, if the physical part of it is carried out. But, also, it is the largest demonstration of the rejection of Yahuweh’s right to rule His own
creation even done in one mass group effort. It is a basic calling, according to Albert Pike in his Scottish Rite “Morals and Dogmas”, for the good god Lucifer to come and rule, and the bad god Yahuweh to leave the planet. 
Yahuweh’s attitude is grief, yes – but anger more than ever. His attitude is this: “If they want Satan as their god, let them have him. I will give mankind what they want. I will give the world a short time to reap what they are calling for, and then I will send My Yahushua and I will take back My Creation”. Let us cry loudly: “Come Yahushua Come”!!!

During the Olympics spend much time in proclamation of the Psalms of His victory – i.e. Psalm 2, 9, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 about His coming in power and esteem to rule the earth. Proclaim Revelation 11:15-18, and Revelation chapters 19-22.
In His taking His hands off of the world, and that means off of Israel too – for 2/3 will die in Israel in the final purging of His people.  “…Prepare yourself to meet your Elohim, O Israel”.
Let those who know Him remain in perfect peace, joy, and love,
July 23, 2012
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