Geological study RE: Oil leaks- Abyss link

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 TM

Things have always bothered me about Demitri Dudumans prophecies many years ago; saying America will BURN! Not that I ever doubted this man of YHWH or his hearing. I just could not imagine how "all" of America would burn, as I always assumed maybe certain cities; i.e. NY San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas Washington DC etc. Now this seems to make more sense. Perhaps he really did see America as a county/continent on fire!

Revelation declares the sea captains watch the smoke of her burning and weep and wail as to who will they sell their precious goods to? Most of our English translations declare great city burning; but that would not fulfill the Scripture that declares the have no market left! Then to further this possibility I was told while camping on the Galilee for11 days and reading the Gospels in 2000; when asking Father for a safe place in America to hide with my family in safety;"Son there will be nothing left of America!" which I have now told many of you, I could not believe then and told nobody for 1 1/2 years! I expect it well may be what He meant.

Therefore these geological possibilities are worth looking at and praying about! Thurston