Something to Consider...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 TM

From John Price:

Readers of THE END OF AMERICA know that the God of the universe has been sending repetitive messages to America, accelerating since Bush ’41. (See Wm. Koenig’s book –“Eye to Eye” outlining the parallels between US treatment of Israel and “natural” catastrophes in America.) What has He been saying? ‘I Love Israel. I’m serious about how the nations of the world treat Israel. Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed’. (Genesis 12:3).

The relevance? U. S. Special Envoy George Mitchell, named as the President’s “point man in the Middle East” met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in mid April, 2010. What did they discuss? We don’t know, as neither side of the discussion released any details. However, we can reach an informed conclusion. On Monday, May 3rd, Secretary of State Clinton announced in a speech at the United Nations that the United States was pushing a new policy in the Middle East. What are the details of that new policy? Clinton stated that the US favors a “Nuclear Free Middle East’”. As noted in our last News Flash, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned that such a policy, if successful, would result in the nuclear disarmament of Israel. What did Mitchell say to Netanyahu just a few days before Clinton’s public announcement? It is safe to assume that Ambassador Mitchell broke it to Israel that America wants Israel to give up its nukes as the price for “Peace in the Middle East”.

Besides US pressure on Israel in mid-April, did anything else happen in mid-April? Well, actually, yes. A BP oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico mysteriously blew up. Experts still can’t explain how it happened, as there are redundant systems built into the rigs to avoid such catastrophes. The result? 11 immediately died and financially the future impact on fragile ecosystems can’t be estimated at this point, but will probably be in the several Billions. Did anything else happen?

If you live near Nashville, you don’t need to ask, as the Tennessee Valley began to flood at about the same time. The results, so far, 30 dead and possibly a Two Billion dollar loss. Even the Nashville Grand Old Opry will be closed for several months. Tennesseans rightly objected to the fact that their plight has been largely ignored by the national media and by the national administration. These Biblical events look a lot like fulfillments of Genesis 12:3. Are we listening? Do we understand that when we hurt Israel, when we threaten Israel, when we attempt to weaken Israel, that we are only hurting America? Evidently not, though we can pray that the light will still dawn on our leaders. It’s not too late. Not yet.

---If that's the first you've ever heard of the US getting clobbered for harming Israel, I suggest you do a bit of research and reading...think Katrina and Gush Katif...